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Legend lawn Care Tick Spray Program
We will offer a program to address the Ticks on properties. The suggested spraying intervals are 3 - the first 2 in the spring to early summer (May to July), which targets overwintered adults and the nymphal stages, and the third in october to target the adults before they overwinter.

Please refer to Conn. Agricultural experiment stations Bulletin #1010 - Tick Management Handbook - for in depth info on Ticks.
The main concern is the deer tick and the Lyme disease that it can carry. The cost for the treatment is roughly the same as a lawn treatment. The method will be to concentrate on areas of higher contact: i.e., rock walls, taller perimeter shrubs, brush, ferns. The lawn can be sprayed also but it isnít as high a concern.

To sign up, simply call us at 413-568-8803 or 800-286-9484 or email Legend@russellma.net

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