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Mowing Your Lawn
Whether your lawn in 100% improved turf species, entirely indigenous or a mix of both ... 4" ... Time to Mow!

In a more desirable and cool (Northern) season, these grass types like to be mowed at a height of 2"-3". The safest height is 2.5" to 3" because most lawns are made of a variety of species.

The height of 2.5" to 3" is the measure after you have mowed, not before. It is not a good idea to take off more than 1/3 of the plant at a time.

  • A good rule of thumb would be 4" ... Time to Mow!
  • Leave the clippings. We recommend leaving the clippings unless your lawn has had a history of disease problems.
  • Mow when dry. Try to mow when the turf is dry. You won't get a clean cut and the spreading of diseases is very high when the turf is wet.
  • Drought...? If your lawn is starting to show signs of drought, but is still managing to grow, DO NOT mow during the highest heat of the day.
  • Dull blades cause damage. Dull mower blades cause damage to the turf plant!
  • Mow in different directions. The aerodynamics of your mower tend to pull the grass up then forward. Mowing in the same pattern or direction lays the turf down and may cause an unclean cut, and possibly a disease problem.
    Some lawns are so hilly and irregularly shaped that only one direction will do. All lawns get mowed incorrectly at some point. If you mow correctly often enough, you can minimize a lot of problems.
    Try to follow these examples:
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