Legend Lawn Care

514 Blandford Road
Russell, MA 01071

Russ Mehl, President

MA Lic. #C02124

CT Lic. #S2720

Legend Lawn Care

Legend Lawn Care is primarily a lawn fertilization oriented company.
We have a standard 5 treatment program and grub preventer.
The products we use are synthetic organic/organic, (also known as bridge or hybrid), fertilizers.
Weed control and insect control will be taken care of at the time of service. If something should arise between treatments a service call can be requested.
Disease control is an extra charge.
The base program can be amended or expanded.
Example; A 6th treatment of Fe/soluble N or Gypsum or C/leonardite/ micro’s can be added on.
Calcium, (lime stone), is part of the 5 step program.
Crabgrass weed preventer is applied with treatments 1 and 2.

Our Service Call Policy

Benefits of Turfgrass 1
Benefits of Turfgrass 2
Benefits of Turfgrass 3

Watering Information,
Watering Tips

Lawn Mowing Information,
Mowing Tips

Complementary Lawn Treatment

Core Areation & Thatch Management

Weeds, Insects & Diseases

Moles & Voles

Tick Management Handbook

Synthetic Lawns & Putting Greens

Legend Lawn Care Services:
  • Tick Management Program
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Shrub Removal
  • Tree Injection
  • Spring/Fall Clean-ups
  • Mulching
  • Shrub Spraying
  • Snow Plowing, Sanding
  • Snow Removal
  • York Rake
  • Loader Work
  • Brush Hog
Legend Lawn Care provides year-round services. Having us manage all of your seasonal needs can result in substantial savings. Call us to see how you can benefit!
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